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Tips for a holiday at the campsite

Tips for a holiday at the campsite

The camping sites in are open again - of course with appropriate distance and hygiene regulations. What you should currently consider ...

Since the corona requirements can differ from state to state, there are a few basic things to consider when planning your vacation:

Make a reservation

Due to the distance regulations, the campsite operators can only utilize their facilities to 50 to 70 percent. The space is booked up accordingly faster. Due to travel restrictions abroad, more Germans will be vacationing in their own country this year, which is causing an additional rush. Not to mention the basic urge to finally leave the house after the exit restrictions.

Find out about restrictions

Since the holiday conditions are a matter of the country, holidaymakers should inquire about the current conditions with the operator of their dream campsite. In some federal states, the sanitary buildings have to remain closed. Campsites there only accept travelers with their own sanitary facilities in their motorhomes or caravans.Therefore, pay attention to the opening times of restaurants and shops, and always have your mouth and nose mask with you.

Plan activities in advance

Sports and leisure activities are still only available and permitted to a limited extent. Contactless outdoor sports such as tennis or yoga are possible again. If you go to the beach, you can surf there again. Swimming pools and wellness areas on campsites, on the other hand, can only be used to a limited extent or not at all.

Internationally, the first countries such as Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Croatia, Luxembourg, Poland and Austria have fully or at least partially reopened their campsites. In addition, the Foreign Office is lifting the travel warning for 29 countries on June 15, which means that German camping tourists can again head for the most popular holiday and neighboring countries.

The most important facts for travel planning here:


No border and health controls with neighboring countries with the exception of Italy

the restrictions are minor, even the mask requirement should be dropped

there is now no quarantine, tests or the like for German holidaymakers. more when entering the country

Hotels, tourist accommodation, restaurants and museums are open again


According to the Austrian Ministry of the Interior, since June 3, 2020, German and Swiss guests have been able to "travel through Austria without stopping, provided that they can leave the country". This means: Even if the border from Austria to Italy remains closed, transit (corridor) is allowed.

All German federal states and Switzerland lifted the quarantine requirement after returning from vacation in Italy.

The travel warning issued by the Foreign Office in Germany, which is valid until June 14th, is not a travel ban, but merely a recommendation.

Hotels, bars, restaurants, accommodation facilities etc. are open again, swimming pools and sports facilities are to follow in mid-June

Strict distance and hygiene rules apply everywhere


the Swiss borders are to be reopened on June 15, 2020

Hotels & campsites are open and must adhere to hygiene and protection concepts

Hiking and wellness, cultural events, concerts etc. are not yet possible


German holidaymakers will also be able to return to France from June 15, but the restrictions will be felt even more clearly than in the other neighboring countries (especially in the capital Paris)

There is still a mask requirement + distance rules

Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovakia, Poland

The Czech Republic and Croatia allow German holidaymakers to enter the country without having to provide evidence of reasons or a booking confirmation

In order to avoid waiting times at the border, vacationers in Croatia can download a form from the entercroatia.mup.hr website and fill it out in advance

It is still different in Slovakia at the moment - here people are still reluctant to open the EU-wide borders

There is also an entry ban in Poland until June 12th

(All statements without guarantee)