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How to make outdoor tours with kids a success

 How to make outdoor tours with kids a success

Hikes with children are fun and a real asset if you do it right! - We'll tell you how to do this here ...

With the birth of a child, your whole life changes! "A platitude - but true. Outdoor life in particular confronts parents with new challenges with the arrival of the" little ones ": That's why many give up - at least temporarily. Let go You don't get that far! Because tours with kids are something very nice! With a little courage, creativity and imagination - and sometimes muscle fat - you can experience adventures together that have a more lasting effect than any beach holiday. There are a few rules but to take into account, it should be fun for parents, children, friends and fellow hikers.

What tours can you do with children?

The best way to start the hike with children is from a permanent accommodation or camping bus. Both serve as a dry, warm refuge on bad weather days. As soon as children can sit (around 10–12 months) one of the best phases for outdoor holidays together begins, because then you can take your little one on tour in a child carrier. Due to the additional weight, the length and duration of the tour depend largely on your carrying ability and thus the ability to suffer. Important: Wrap the children warm in the carrier and do not hike for more than five hours a day. Take a longer break every 45–60 minutes or as needed, during which the little ones can move.

The wearing age is over by the age of three at the latest. Now kids want to discover the world for themselves. Longer hikes are canceled in this phase. In addition to short day trips, overnight trips with tents provide variety and excitement. Later, when the pace, stamina and the desire to do something longer grow in the children, hut tours and short treks with overnight stays in tents are also possible.

Which paths are available?

Wild paths with short climbing passages are best - you won't get bored here! You can forget about forest slopes through monocultures, even long scree stages quickly lose their charm. Surroundings rich in animals and plants as well as wild streams, which you can discover together with the children, are ideal.

Which games are suitable for outdoor tours?

When hiking in the mountains and in mountain huts, as well as when camping together, there can be long evenings. For the bedtime story a corresponding book with and for bad weather days should be a card game (tip: UNO or 6takes!).

What is the best place to stay outside with children?

Tip: Family-friendly Alpine Club huts ( often offer the little ones more than just sparse accommodation. If you prefer to spend the night in a tent, day trips from a permanent campsite are ideal. So you hike a few hours into the wilderness, pitch your tent (you may go a second time to get the rest of your luggage) and go on day trips from there.

Do I have to take special children's equipment with me?

Fleece suits such as those offered by Patagonia or Finkid (see below) are perfect for babies and toddlers. With them you can wrap the little one without having to take it off completely. For children who are still being transported in a carrying bag, a poncho should be kept handy. When it rains, it protects both: the wearer and the child. Tip: clothespins prevent the annoying fluttering in the wind.


Child carriers must be comfortable to carry, stand securely on the floor when they are set down and should not weigh too much themselves. It is best to try the stretcher before buying it (with a load)! And make sure that the child can sleep in the stretcher (i.e. the head doesn't wobble too much!). Very important: don't forget your sun hat and strong enough sunscreen!

How much weight can children carry themselves?

Children between three and five years can tolerate a maximum of one kilo of luggage, between six and eight years three kilos and between nine and twelve a maximum of five kilos. Young people up to the age of 16 should carry a maximum of seven kilos.

Are winter tours possible with children?

If the children are too young to run on their own and have to use the carrier, it is important to dress extra warm! Since they don't move, they cool down very quickly. On the other hand, not only thick clothes help, but also hot water bottles or pillows that you put in the little one's fleece suit. Feel the temperature of your cargo regularly, initially every ten minutes, later at slightly longer intervals. Small weekend tours in the Harz, Black Forest, Palatinate Forest or Franconian Switzerland are ideal for a start. Then you can react more relaxed when the mood drops or tiredness spreads.

As a parent, how do you reach your goal in a relaxed manner?

If you plan more time for extra tours and choose the route so that the children can move freely away from it, you will reach your destination more relaxed. Rule of thumb: don't overdo it! Two thirds of the route should be done by lunchtime: This is how you can make the most of the little ones' morning drive and avoid the heat.