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fantastique boxe secrète en boi - made in morocco


this secret wooden box is for storing valuables such as jewelry and important papers, is not easy to open except for those who know the correct way to open it.

This wooden mystery box is handcrafted from Thuja wood in Morocco using skills passed down through generations of nomadic artisans. This is a traditional Camel Mystery Box, worn by nomads for generations because it has no obvious key or keyhole and therefore no way to get the items inside.

Material: Thuya Wood

Thuja wood is found in thuja grown in the city of Essaouira in Morocco. This fragrant wood smells good. The exotic Thuya tree has been used for centuries by Moroccan carpentry craftsmen. Thuja wood "burls", the boutonnelle growths of the trunk or branches, produce beautiful and interesting grains of wood that make each piece truly unique. The wood sometimes contains small cracks. The Thuja wood jewelry box makes an elegant and functional decor accent. Polished on the outside, very high quality. A great way to store jewelry and other treasures. The jewelry box is locked with a key on the front, has a lifting compartment for rings and bracelets and a large compartment for larger jewelry items 

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