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 Binoculars for hikers: buying tips

Observe animals, orientate yourself, look for a campsite: binoculars are very useful for this. We'll show you which binoculars are suitable for hikers ...

With good binoculars you can see more - this is especially true for outdoor enthusiasts, because there is always a lot to discover on a tour: whether shy animals, poor path markings, delicate path tracks or hidden huts: the view through binoculars reveals what otherwise remains hidden, and also shows fabulous impressions of optically condensed landscapes. So much for the plus side of the binoculars. The downside of binoculars is primarily weight - after all, the backpack can't be light enough - and the price.

No question about it, quality costs. But you can get usable binoculars from around 30 euros, such as the Brunton Echo Scope 7x18 monocular. These binoculars are not only cheap, but also light: 50 grams. And just in case, the binoculars have fall-absorbing rubber armoring. However, such a mono-tube offers little viewing pleasure. But a monocular is unbeatable as emergency binoculars for orientation.

Looking through a binocular is much more relaxed. These binoculars not only show a three-dimensional, three-dimensional image, but are also much more comfortable and, due to their heavier weight, much calmer in the hand. How steadily the binoculars lie in the hand depends on the magnification. The stronger it is, the larger, but also the more wobbly distant objects appear. A 10x magnification is difficult to hold still hands-free, but it is not a problem with propped arms. Eight-fold binoculars, on the other hand, are easy to hold still. These binoculars also weigh a little less and provide brighter images. These binoculars are therefore the best choice for hikers and trekkers. Unless you want to track animals on tour, then 10x binoculars are better. But whether 8 or 10 times - both enrich tours with many new, previously hidden impressions. And when you go for a walk like on a trip around the world.

The indestructible binoculars

Shockproof, waterproof and nitrogen-filled housing - the Sky-Hawk binoculars from Steiner are designed for harsh conditions. Thanks to the nitrogen filling, the binoculars cannot fog up, which otherwise happens with temperature fluctuations. For outdoor enthusiasts with a steady hand, we recommend the Steiner Sky Hawk 10x32 binoculars. These binoculars bring things that are far away, such as birds, up close, offer a bright picture and can also be used at dusk. Weight: 600 g, price: 379 euros. (The Steiner SkyHawk is also available in other sizes / designs - see below for current price comparison)

The minimalist binoculars

It couldn't be easier: the Brunton Echo Scope 7x18 binoculars only weighs around 50 grams and also fits in your pocket - great binoculars that you can always have with you. Thanks to the moderate 7x magnification, these binoculars can also be held steadily with one hand, the multi-layer coating of the glasses ensures a clear picture. A rubber armouring protects the binoculars in the event of bumps, and the minimum focusing distance is 35 centimeters. The price of 30 euros for the binoculars is also hot.

The all-round binoculars

If you are looking for high-performance binoculars but do not want to carry them heavily or pay a lot, the Nikon Sportstar 8x25 EX is the right choice for you. Its 8x magnification is completely sufficient for most purposes, especially since the Nikon binoculars - although weighing only 280 grams - can be held with little blurring. Despite the low price of 110 euros, the Nikon Sportstar 8x25 EX binoculars have an anti-fog nitrogen filling, high-quality coated glasses and adjustable eyecups.

Affordable binoculars from Nikon

For the Aculon T02 8x21, Nikon only charges just under 60 euros. These "entry-level binoculars" attract with their mini pack size, low weight (191 g) and a decent field of view (110 m). It is not waterproof or shockproof, but with a ziplock bag and a little caution, it will withstand even harder tours without damage.