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Advice: which e-bike is right for me?

Advice: which e-bike is right for me?

The decision to buy an e-bike needs to be carefully considered. But what kind of e-bike types are there? And what are the special features? Our colleagues from ELEKTROBIKE magazine Tifila - and have tested 32 new e-bikes from 2020 

When you buy an e-bike / pedelec, it is a very individual, very personal decision - because it is about your electric bike. Always remember: The only important thing is that you can get along with the e-bike. It should be tailored to your needs and your area of ​​application.

So the first thing you ask yourself is: What do I actually want to do with my e-bike?

Do you mainly ride short distances in the city with your e-bike? To the bakery, the market - generally for shopping?

How many kilometers would you like to drive on one battery charge?

Do you also want to complete longer tours with the e-bike?

Are you planning to commute to work with your e-bike / pedelec?

Do you want to be sporty with your e-bike / pedelec?

Where can you park the e-bike? Do you need to carry it to the basement or even an upper floor?

You can now get a tailor-made e-bike for every purpose: city e-bikes (such as the stylish Cannondale Canvas Neo in the picture above), touring e-bikes, e-mountain bikes, cargo e-bikes and much more. Regardless of which electric bike you choose: an e-bike doesn't ride itself. The electric motor only supports the rider when he is pedaling. The drive locks at 25 km / h, higher speeds can only be achieved with muscle power.

Advantage of the e-bike: Thanks to the motor support, mountains shrink into hills, and even a long lap is transformed into a joyride thanks to the built-in tail wind. This is how untrained people keep up even on long trips. For those who are in good shape, the e-bike is a fun extension. Higher, longer, further - thanks to the motor assistance, you are guaranteed to enjoy a long time even when there is little time.

All tested e-bikes 2020 at a glance

How much the driver is supported by the electric motor is determined by the setting on the bike's on-board computer. The most powerful motors add more than three times the amount of energy used. If the rider pedals with 100 watts, the motor provides an additional 300 watts, so that the e-bike is ultimately powered with 400 watts of power. This power is soon noticeable in the charge level of the battery. If you are traveling with a lower support level, you save energy and the range increases significantly. But even if you run out of juice, that doesn't mean the end of your tour. If the motor goes on strike due to a lack of electricity, continue to ride the e-bike as a normal, albeit somewhat heavier, bike.

Mid-mounted motors are standard on e-mountain bikes and trekking e-bikes (see below). In addition to top dog Bosch, the e-systems from Shimano, Brose and Yamaha are reliable sources of power. "The central position of the motor in the bottom bracket area ensures a low center of gravity and thus a great, bicycle-like driving experience," explains Björn Gerteis, editor-in-chief of ELEKTROBIKE magazine.

Only the so-called pedelecs, which support the driver up to a speed of 25 km / h, are suitable for bike tours in nature. Legally, they are equated with bicycles. S-Pedelecs with speeds of up to 45 km / h are forbidden on forest paths and in the mountains. Finally, buying an e-bike is also a question of cost. E-bikes from the discounter are sometimes available for less than 1000 euros, there are no upper limits. "Our experience shows that you can find a solid e-bike for as little as 1700 euros, with which you can go on beautiful tours," says expert Gerteis.

But how do you find your perfect bike? "In any case, do an extensive test ride, during which you test how the e-bike behaves on inclines, whether you can handle the support and whether you are generally comfortable," advises the expert. You don't have to worry about the range. Most batteries today offer at least 500 watt hours and allow extended tours. If you have the option to recharge en route, do so. The memory effect is not an issue with modern batteries. Enjoy the new freedom that e-bikes offer. And don't worry if you overtake a normal cyclist. He's used to it now.